The Very Hungry and Cozy Caterpillar

We had such fun attending the to MTYP play entitled The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  Thank you ever so much to our parent volunteers.  In the Manitoba English Language Arts Curriculum Kindergarten require exposure to drama and puppetry.  With the children already knowing the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar they not only watched the story unfold but they were investigating how the puppets and background scenes were occurring.
Of course learning to read and to print is very important in Kindergarten.  When the home reading books are sent home on Mondays, please encourage your child to not only read their books but to practice printing out the sight words too.  Of course your child loves to be read too so reading other books to them at home is strongly encouraged.  The students were very excited when I introduced them to our new cozy area reading buddy-Cozy Caterpillar.

The students had Art Class with Mrs. Petkau and they were learning how to glaze the pottery they are making.  The students told me they cant wait to see their pottery when it is all done.